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BEST® Fertilizer: Spread the Word!™

BEST® professional turf fertilizers lead the industry with a broad mix of technologies, including Homogeneous Pellets, controlled-release POLYON®, slow release X-Cote™, and stabilized nitrogen UMAXX® and UFLEXX®. Each product is designed to increase nutrient efficiency and application safety, while reducing your labor costs.

Simplot GAL-XEONE is a controlled-release fertilizer with a new, advanced polymer coating technology delivering optimal nutrients to the plant at a pace that matches the plant's uptake requirements.

X-Cote™ takes an efficient, dependable nutrient and covers it with a tough technologically superior coating, making it the hardest, most durable polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea on the market.

UMAXX® is a uniquely formulated combination of N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide. It is ideal for use on golf courses or wherever quality turf is desired.

UFLEXX® is a sister product to UMAXX® and is most suitable for use in the landscape and lawn care markets.

By minimizing the adverse effect of these elements on phosphate fertilizer, at the micro-environmental level, AVAIL® increases the potential for more phosphorus to be absorbed by plant root systems.

Homogenous Pellet
Inside of every BEST® homogeneous pellet, there is a positive interaction between nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur in increasing the availability and efficiency of each of important turfgrass nutrients.