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Zones 4, 5 and warmer sites in Zone 3

Seashore Paspalum is a warm-season grass that takes environmental stewardship to a new level, especially when using non-potable, alternative water resources.  Varieties such as Sea Spray and Desert Oasis are seeded types and can save 50% over the costs of using vegetative varieties while still offering the turf quality expected for elite golf courses.

Desert Oasis seashore paspalum
Desert Oasis seashore paspalum Image

Desert Oasis is an economical seeded seashore paspalum variety specifically selected for its low maintenance requirements and good salt tolerance. This warm season grass looks good and its aggressive growth habit makes it a good choice for sports field and community green areas.
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Sea Spray seashore paspalum
Sea Spray seashore paspalum Image

Zones 4, 5 and warmer sites in Zone 3 Sea Spray is the one and only patented seeded seashore paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum swartz) variety on the market worldwide, offering the convenience and varietal purity of a certified proprietary variety. This fine bladed warm season, creeping perennial grass has built a reputation on its excellent salt tolerance. Click here for more information.