Simplot ranching operations

Simplot manages more than a dozen ranches with more than 30,000 mother cows in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The Company’s ranch holdings are double the size of Delaware and rank among the largest in the country. Simplot also is the only company in the top ten nationwide for both cow-calf production and feedlot capacity.

Our ranches consist of land that varies in elevation from 2,000 to 7,500 feet and includes mountain meadows, high desert, and irrigated pastures. We promote sustainable grazing practices and adhere to sound resource management guidelines.

For more information about our ranching operations, please contact:

Steve Scribner
Simplot Land & Livestock
1301 Hwy 67
Grand View, ID 83624
Office: 208-834-5143
Cell: 208-841-9943