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A Focus on Sustainability

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Our commitment to sustainability

In 1929, young J.R. Simplot began a long career that focused on creating innovative market research niches and improving existing ways of doing business. He adapted emerging technology to improve products, made processes more efficient, and devised uses for material that others considered to be waste.

Today we recognize many of his instincts as precursors to “green” thinking, but at Simplot we’ve always considered it common sense to use resources sustainably. Producing more with less of Earth’s resources has always been good for our business, and it is simply the right thing to do.

This goes far beyond simply establishing a company recycling program, or turning off the lights when everyone goes home. True sustainability comprises meeting the economic, environmental and social needs of our employees and communities, while preserving the opportunity for future generations to do the same.

Our foundation for doing business sustainably is supported by the same three core values that underpin everything the Company does:

  • Respect for resources – We are committed to using the best science in natural resource management, reclamation practices, waste reduction and compliance with environmental laws and regulations. 
  • Spirit of innovation - We place a priority on creating and embracing new ideas and technologies that help us work smarter in all levels of operations to improve customer value, efficiency, lower costs and reduce operational impact.
  • Passion for people – We take care of the safety of our employees and our communities. We are highly dedicated to our customers, partnerships, philanthropy and volunteerism.

When our children grow up, the world will look different than it does today. Simplot will be even more challenged to feed more people using less acreage, less water, and less energy. Whether we are feeding livestock, improving agriculture, or delivering our food products around the world, our efforts will be bigger than the challenges we face.