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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase SimVitro® Embryos?
Visit the SimVitro® Store to view a list of our online inventory available for purchse. Additionally, feel free to contact our sales team at 1-866-506-9488 or email us at

What genetics are available; breed and sire?
Currently, embryos are produced from three breeds using superior sires:  Jersey, Holstein, and beef. Contact a representative to see what is available or to make a request.

What pregnancy rates can I expect?
Pregnancy rates may vary dependent on farm management and recipients. We expect SimVitro™ embryos to achieve rates similar to A.I. in heifers. Heat stressed and repeat breeder cows should see an improvement in pregnancy rate over A.I.

When can I use SimVitro embryos?
SimVitro embryos can be used seasonally to improve reproductive efficiency of cattle during heat stress, and throughout the year in repeat breeder cattle. They can also be used to change the value of the calf crop (e.g., a Holstein cow giving birth to a beef calf).

Isn’t IVF expensive?
Yes. Traditionally, the use of in-vitro produced embryos was not cost effective, except for cattle of elite genetics. Using the non-traditional SimVitro approach we are able to provide high-quality embryos at affordable prices.

What kind of extra labor is involved?
Recipient cattle are prepared in a manner that is similar to A.I. Instead of breeding after estrus, embryos are transferred 7-8 days later.

Who should transfer the embryos?
Embryos can be transferred by a trained veterinarian or technician.

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