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Investment Opportunity in Cattle Feeding

Simplot Livestock Company wants to partner with you. For a small amount of money down, you can gain equity in a pen of cattle and make decisions toward the well-being and future marketing of those cattle. By partnering with Simplot Livestock Company we share in the risk and reward of cattle investment.

Our investors come to us for many reasons. Some have an interest in cattle, but are not active ranchers. Others come to us because they have a source for cattle, but want to rely on a partner that is experienced in feedlot management from start to finish.

Simplot Livestock Company is that partner. We provide a number of feedlot management services and focus on developing strong relationships with our investors.

Not only can you be involved with sourcing and any other aspect of cattle feeding and marketing, but we’ll stay in touch with you regularly and provide you with in-depth reports that share feed bills, death counts and more.

If you are interested in cattle investment, contact Simplot Livestock Company to discuss an investment package.

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