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A “Score Card” of Annual Performance Data – Accurate and Understandable

Our SmartHarvest® program assists growers in building stronger, healthier harvests, and optimal yields year after year. Using GPS technology, GIS (geographic information system) data, and computerized yield monitoring, our precision agriculture specialists gather real-time information on crop performance throughout the growing cycle. That full-cycle data is used to build a longitudinal record of your field’s performance, enabling us to refine treatments and improve results over time.

SmartHarvest is also pioneering new harvest data technologies to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of yield monitoring. We use Active Wireless Sensor Technology to help reduce quality issues that occur during the physical harvesting process, and harvest prediction technologies to help growers predict and plan for harvest success with greater accuracy.

Simplot Precision Agriculture Specialists document the spatial distribution of crop yields throughout a specific field, and then build a clear yield pattern over a period of three or four years. In the hands of our Simplot Precision Agriculture Specialists, these yield patterns are powerful analytical tools, revealing the effects of weather, soil variability, infestations, crop inputs, field history, and cultural/management practices.

SmartHarvest is an investment in the long-term sustainability and performance of your land. Simplot can provide you with a deeper understanding of how your fields perform over time, so you can make smarter, more profitable decisions about crop planning and ground treatment every year.