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See and Understand Acreage in New Ways Using Remote Sensing Imagery

SmartImage® uses satellite, aerial, and ground-based remote-sensing imaging technologies to identify and explain the reasons for variations in crop quality and yield. This solution is valuable in two ways: 1) In the pre-season evaluation phase, you can gain information that  plan the growing season more accurately, and 2) During the growing season you get a high-tech crop management tool that lets you see – in vibrant color – exactly where fields are underperforming or stressed.

SmartImage will help identify high- and low-vigor areas of each field, and determine the reasons for varying yields. This can help adjust and better plan irrigation, nutritional, and crop protection practices to assist in reaching your operational goals.

Depending on the needs of the field, Simplot Precision Agriculture Specialists may recommend and conduct:

  • Satellite, aerial, or ground-based imaging using a wide range of spectrums including Infrared, Near Infrared, and NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetative Index)
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping, imaging, and analysis of the geographic feature of your field
  • Cross-analysis with various databases and statistical information
  • Tissue/soil sampling and analysis to provide additional details on each variant and confirm mapping patterns