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Understand Soil’s Inherent Characteristics and Variability to Achieve Maximum Crop Yields

Farming always begins with the soil, and here at Simplot, we embrace that. SmartSoil® employs powerful electronic sensor technologies to help precisely map field soil properties. This solution unlocks many other SmartFarm opportunities because soil data can be used with other solutions to improve results. It’s an essential building block of the SmartFarm technology platform and valuable benefit to all types of farming operations.

By determining soil variations in different areas of the field, SmartSoil can help increase production efficiency, improve product quality, while conserving energy and water.

Depending on the needs of the field, Simplot Precision Agriculture Specialists may recommend and conduct:

  • On-site EM (electromagnetic) or EC (electrical conductivity) mapping technologies to identify natural soil variations
  • Topographical maps to identify watersheds, denitrification, and variations in elevation and drainage
  • Soil sampling and analysis to provide additional details on each field zone or area