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Leverage Field Data to Produce Effective Zone-Based Prescriptions

Soil is often variable in composition and topography. This variability makes consistent seeding, irrigating, or fertilizing a challenge. With SmartZone® technology, Simplot Precision Ag Specialists can help growers more efficiently manage inputs by understanding precisely where soil is different in makeup and how exactly it differs. Armed with this knowledge, zones can be managed independently, acre to acre and field to field.

SmartRx® (“Smart Scripts”) brings sustainability to a new level of precision. Over specific areas of a field or over the course of a growing season, SmartRx can help control the mix and volume of crop nutrition, crop protection, specialty products, and other inputs applied to crops through variable rate systems. Prescriptions can be fine-tuned to address specific conditions and help improve the effectiveness of crop nutrition by preventing off-target application of various inputs.

With SmartZone and SmartRx, Simplot Precision Agriculture Specialists will use data already collected from SmartSoil and SmartImage to break a field into management zones. Next, we will develop a SmartRx prescription of your field, with a custom treatment for each zone. This ensures the optimal crop health and highest yields for every square inch of land.

SmartZone maps and SmartRx prescriptions can be developed for:

  • Variable Rate Irrigation
  • Variable Rate Fertilization
  • Crop Protection Applications
  • Variable Rate Planting