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SmartFarm® | How We Work

Simplot SmartFarm® is a comprehensive, year-round service that helps you make the best decisions in the four stages of farming.  It increases the quality and quantity of harvested crops by using digital sensing tools, data analytics and good old-fashioned agronomic science.

  • PREPARE:  Your growing season starts long before your seed is planted.  The Simplot SmartFarm® team helps analyze your data, prepare the soil, and develop a plan.
  • PRESCRIBE:  All acres are not equal.  SmartFarm® specialists define management zones and deliver prescriptions that are detailed and site-specific.
  • GROW:  SmartFarm® provides precise agronomic analysis to make in-season adjustments.  Variable-rate applications deliver what is needed when it’s needed to improve crop yields without wasting resources.
  • HARVEST:  A bountiful harvest comes from good decisions made while preparing, planting and managing your crops.  We provide annual evaluations that will fuel planning for the next growing cycle.