Bringing Earth's
Resources to Life

Sustainably Manage the Timing, Placement and Amount of Water Used to Grow a Crop

Water is a valuable resource to manage in a large part of the U.S., so it must be managed with care. SmartWaterSM is a variable-rate irrigation and soil moisture management solution that analyzes the specific needs of crops throughout the growing cycle, and delivers the exact amount of water every inch of your field requires. Combining on-site sensors, image mapping, state-of the-art analytic software, and extensive agronomic expertise, SmartWater enables you to set and monitor moisture levels variably for different parts of your field, so that not a drop of water is wasted.

The SmartWater system reduces poor drainage, excess runoff, leaching, and compaction while improving root activity and overall crop yields. The results are impressive: on average, our SmartWater growers achieve a reduction of two to three inches of application per season, plus yield increases of three to five percent.