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Recall of Frozen Products

Published on September 18 2017

SKU 10071179004189

September 18, 2017
Customer Hotline 800-448-5545

Boise, ID – The J.R. Simplot Company Food Group has voluntarily recalled approximately 4700 cases of its Traditional Formed Tater Gems due to the possibility that there may be plastic pieces in some products. The product recall is limited to the product listed below.

10071179004189TRADITIONAL TATER GEM 6/5#420 AUG 07 17 03

The side of each case and each interior bag is marked with the CODE listed above. Products bearing other “manufacturing codes” are not affected.

Simplot was alerted to the presence of a foreign object via a customer contact. No injuries have been reported. A thorough investigation by the manufacturing facility was able to determine that during production a small piece of plastic came into the facility from the Field and broke apart during the production process.

The company elected to commence an immediate product recall. Customers and Distributors have been notified of the recall and have been directed to cease selling, stocking and serving the specific product listed above. 

Affected Customers are asked to take control of this specific product still within their inventory and inform any of their own customers to whom they also distributed to do the same.

Simplot Customer Service will work with Customers to disposition any affected inventory and to replenish as necessary.

Any questions can be directed to Simplot Quality Assurance at 800-448-5545.