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Commerce Leaders Grant Environmental Award to the Don Plant Image

Commerce Leaders Grant Environmental Award to the Don Plant

Simplot’s Don Plant was the 2012 recipient of the Environmental Excellence Award from the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI).

The Don Plant was recognized for its innovation and outstanding accomplishments with freshwater preservation and wastewater reduction. “We place a high priority on the vital importance that water and good water management practices play in each of our lives,” said John Bob, facility manager.

The IACI program provides annual recognition to businesses that showed innovative environmental leadership to achieve outstanding results in environmental protection and enhancement.

The Don Plant made system-wide changes including condensate recovery, recycling by keeping water in the system longer, and filtering with reverse osmosis. The Don Plant has successfully reduced its annual water consumption by more than one billion gallons as a result.

Employees at the plant still search daily for ways to reduce water consumption, thereby saving energy and resources. Total savings for the plant would supply more than 10,000 homes with water for a year. That’s enough water to grow enough wheat for more than 73,000 people for one year.