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New Program Cultivates Safety Leaders Image

New Program Cultivates Safety Leaders

There's an old saying that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and that seems to be the case with a new safety program being implemented at Simplot. 

The program, called Safety Trained Supervisor in General Industry or STS, requires a 100-question written test, and it's recommended that supervisors who enroll in the program participate in a formal two-day session to get ready for the exam. Those who plan to take the test also are encouraged to study and prepare extensively.

Supervisors in all the operating groups are encouraged to take on the STS challenge to further enhance Simplot’s culture of safety.

The idea behind the STS, which is run by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, is to prepare every supervisor to be an effective safety leader.

Employees who are already safety specialist can take the STS to add to their skill set. For both supervisors and employees, this program represents an opportunity to improve their ability to interact with others regarding safety matters.

Training sessions will be held four times annually at Simplot. Testing is done around the country at independent test sites.