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Simplot Australia Completes its Cogeneration Plant Image

Simplot Australia Completes its Cogeneration Plant

Simplot Australia has confirmed its 2013 commitment to reduce carbon emissions with the completion of a natural gas co-generation plant that will eliminate the use of coal at its Ulverstone site.

The investment will benefit the environment by reducing the factory’s carbon dioxide emissions by half, eliminating 39,000 tons per year.

The installation of the gas co-generation plant at Ulverstone will convert current coal-fired boilers to natural gas which will provide secure electricity and steam to the plant.

The completion of this project is a significant step for Simplot Australia to decrease it’s our environmental footprint. And there is the added benefit of helping to protect the plant from the impact of surging energy costs.

This project helps ensure the future Simplot Australia operations that help support the hundreds of farmers, contractors and service providers that service Simplot’s business.  It is also further confirmation of Simplot’s commitment to Tasmania as a source for its potatoes.