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Simplot Australia Partners for Sustainable Seafood

Simplot Australia Partners for Sustainable Seafood: John West Brand Working with World Wildlife Federation

John West Australia and New Zealand, the seafood products brand owned by Simplot Australia, is a partner with the world’s largest conservation group, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), to promote the sustainability of seafood. The partnership commits John West to WWF’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative and includes benchmarks for John West to meet.

As the largest branded supplier of seafood products in Australia and New Zealand, John West recognizes its role in safeguarding ocean resources. This position led the Simplot brand to partner with WWF-Australia and ensure it takes the necessary steps for sustainable practices.

John West Australia is passionate about seafood and dedicated to playing a role in the long-term health of our oceans. The group is committed to responsibly sourcing its products and working collaboratively with WWF-Australia to ensure quality seafood can be enjoyed for generations to come.

In addition to entering into WWF’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative, John West Australia has developed its own overarching sustainability strategy -- Our Oceans Forever. The strategy applies to all facets of John West Australia’s business and embraces Simplot’s three pillars for sustainability: Respect for Resources, Spirit of Innovation and Passion for People.

The first product to carry the Our Oceans Forever logo is John West Australia’s Pole and Line Skipjack Tuna range, available in independent supermarkets. Pole and Line returns to traditional fishing methods of ‘one line, one fish,’ reducing the risk of bycatch (any species caught accidentally while fishing for another species).

In addition to Our Oceans Forever, all of John West Australia’s Alaskan Salmon products are certified to carry the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo, meaning that the product has met the MSC’s strict criteria for ensuring full traceability.