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Simplot Joins Global Initiative for Sharing Ag Practices Image

Simplot Joins Global Initiative for Sharing Ag Practices

PrecisionAg Institute is dedicated to agricultural efficiency and effectiveness

Simplot has joined the PrecisionAg Institute: the agriculture industry’s independent global initiative for sharing precision agriculture practices, ideas, research, products, services, and success stories.

Simplot Grower Solutions is the Company’s primary liaison with the Institute.

At Grower Solutions, employees are constantly searching for the latest technology and science to better understand the total crop. The PrecisionAg Institute is generating the type of research and information that can add to the Grower Solutions collection of services, to help promote the growth of their farmer-customers.

Simplot’s partnership with the PrecisionAg Institute reinforces its commitment to the efficient, effective use of precision agriculture technology. When growers put precision technology to use, they are better equipped to optimize their land, water, seed, and nutrients—a benefit to everyone.