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Smarter Data Collection Increases Farming Efficiency Image

Smarter Data Collection Increases Farming Efficiency

Tracking agricultural inputs like soil, water and sun is a daunting task, but Simplot saw a need to quantify the exact amount of fertilizer, crop nutrients and water used to grow a crop of potatoes. Simplot Food Group North America partnered with U.S. Agri-Data Solution™ to get a field-level view of the resources required to grow and process potatoes. Agri-Data offers a web-based data management system so Simplot farmers, crop advisors and processors can track all the trends and changes in their potato production.

Today Simplot tracks 100 percent of its potato-growing acreage with the Agri-Data Solution.

The value of having a field-level view of production and processing practices goes beyond simply accumulating data. The Agri-Data Solution technology puts information at the fingertips of growers that they can use to increase yields and produce higher-quality crops. By providing a systemic view, it’s easier to identify sources of waste that can be reduced or eliminated. Both make it easier for Simplot to improve the sustainability of agricultural practices, affecting pesticide and crop nutrient application, carbon sequestration, weather data and irrigation-water tracking.