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BEST PHOS® Micro-Pellets 11-55-0

Specifically designed to be a high source of phosphorus for use on closely-mowed turfgrasses. BEST PHOS® micro-sized, homogeneous pellets provide an excellent source of ammoniacal nitrogen and phosphorus in an easy-to-apply form for deficient greens and tees.

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Greens King® 10-21-21

A premium greens fertilizer, containing 4.76 units of Slowly Available Nitrogen from Nutralene. Contains iron and sulfur for improved color response.

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Greens King® 18-2-24

A quality high potassium greens fertilizer formulated with Nutralene and sulfate of potash. 66% of this products nitrogen is derived from Nutralene. Key micronutrients have been added to supply a complete package of nutrients.

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Greens King® 20-3-20

Greens King® 20-3-20 is the ultimate in greens fertilization with 96% of its nitrogen derived from Nutralene. This greens formulation has a broad range of micronutrients to meet your turfgrass nutrient requirements.

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Greens King® 24K (10-2-24)

A low nitrogen, high potassium greens fertilizer enriched with Iron and Manganese. Over 52% of the nitrogen is from slowly available Nitrogen released from Methylene Urea.

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Micro-Green® 10 (10-4-16)
Micro-Green® 10 (10-4-16) Image

Micro-Green® 10 is a homogeneous high-K formulation that contains sulfate of potash -- a potassium source that's very low in chlorides. The immediately available nutrients make it easy and economical to manage application rates in the critical summer months. Sulfur, zinc and iron are also included in the formulation.

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Micro-Green® 15 (15-5-8)

Micro-Green® 15 contains a 100% available maintenance formulation of macronutrients. Consistent use will take the guesswork out of residual nitrogen and provide the nutrients needed to fight off disease. This cost-effective, micro-sized homogeneous fertilizer also contains sulfur, iron and zinc.

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Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50

Sulfate of potash is an excellent high-potassium, low-chloride fertilizer providing essential nutrients that help plants resist disease and pests, ensure a longer shelf life, and produce tastier and more attractive produce without the excess chloride that can harm crops.

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