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AVAIL® - New Technology for Improving Phosphate Uptake!

Simplot is proud to introduce “Simplot Stabilized Phosphate” with AVAIL® Technology. Chemical elements in the soil interfere with phosphorus’ ability to be absorbed. By minimizing the adverse effect of these elements on phosphate fertilizer, at the micro-environmental level, AVAIL® increases the potential for more phosphorus to be absorbed by plant root systems. AVAIL® is a non-plant food ingredient designed for coating on granular phosphate fertilizer. It sequesters antagonistic metals in the soil surrounding the fertilizer granules and reduces tie-up of the phosphate.  This makes phosphate more available to the plant. AVAIL® is water-soluble, biodegradable and nontoxic. Undisturbed, AVAIL® continues to inhibit phosphate fixation throughout the growing season.

Mini Phos 8-30-15 with AVAIL®

8-30-15 Mini Phos with AVAIL® protected phosphorous to reduce tie-up of phosphate and make it more available to the plants.

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