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UFLEXX® is a sister product to UMAXX® and is most suitable for use in the landscape and lawn care markets. It contains both NBPT and dicyandiamide, but is designed to last approximately 50% as long as UMAXX®. UFLEXX® is a worthy competitor to sulfur-coated ureas as it is more efficient and more versatile. UFLEXX® provides protection against nitrogen loss due to volatilization and leaching.  UFLEXX® is also used as a nitrogen component in blended fertilizers and as a soluble nitrogen source for use in liquid applications.

UFLEXX® 23-3-6

An all season enhanced turf fertilizer with UFLEXX stabilized nitrogen for up to 10 weeks of turf response.

Product Datasheet Safety Datasheet (SDS)
UFLEXX® 46-0-0

A quality economical source of nitrogen. All of the nitrogen is stabilized to reduce burn potential of the nitrogen.

Product Datasheet Safety Datasheet (SDS)