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UMAXX® is a uniquely formulated combination of N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide, (NBPT): a urease inhibitor and dicyandiamide; a nitrification inhibitor. NBPT stops volatilization for up to two weeks, thus minimizing nitrogen loss and reducing the potential for turf burn. Dicyandiamide blocks the microbial conversion of ammonium nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen. This keeps the nitrogen in the stable ammonium form and in the soil for more efficient plant utilization. It also greatly reduces the leaching of nitrates that can contaminate groundwater. UMAXX® is available in a standard size particle and a mini particle. It is used as a nitrogen component in blended fertilizers and as a soluble nitrogen source for use in liquid applications. UMAXX® is ideal for use on golf courses or wherever quality turf is desired.

UMAXX® 19-3-19

A 1:1 N/K ratio fertilizer with UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen for long lasting deep green color. Contains a BEST homogeneous pellet for enhanced nutrient distribution.

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UMAXX® 24-4-12 Mini

A mini-sized, two-pellet formulation containing 73% stabilized nitrogen from UMAXX®. This product will water in quickly.

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UMAXX® 46-0-0 Stabilized Nitrogen

Research shows that at least 30% of the nitrogen from urea can be lost into the atmosphere through volatilization. Additional nitrogen loss can occur through leaching and denitrification. UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen works with nature to prevent nitrogen loss by using a urease inhibitor to stop volatilization and a nitrification inhibitor to keep nitrogen in the soil where it can be used by the plant. Download Soluble Fertilizer Preparation information.

Product Datasheet Safety Datasheet (SDS)