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X-Cote™ is the perfect combination of agronomics and economics. X-Cote™ takes an efficient, dependable nutrient and covers it with a tough technologically superior coating, making it the hardest, most durable polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea on the market. By having less brittle sulfur in its coating, X-Cote™ granules resist cracking and breakage during blending or application. Every batch of X-Cote™ goes through a series of rigorous quality control tests to assure that each pellet releases the same way, every time. That means more of the nutrients will make their way into the soil, when and where they should.

Endure 16-16-16
Endure 16-16-16 Image

Endure has been reformulated to provide more nutrients and 73% Controlled release Nitrogen from GAL-XE ONE and X-Cote. Endure 16-16-16 is excellent for pre-plant and overseeding applications.

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Short-Kut® 18 (18-4-18) with X-cote™

A mini-sized, controlled-release fertilizer for tees, fairways and other closely mowed turf. *Available through select distributors.

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Short-Kut® 24 (24-4-9)

A mini particle sized, 2-particle blend formulated for short mowed turf. Our homogenous pellets and X-Cote, polymer coated sulfur-coated urea, make up this blend. * Available through select distributors.

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Tri Green 22-2-11
Tri Green 22-2-11 Image

A quality controlled release formulation with GAL-XE ONE™ and X-Cote™. * Available through select distributors.

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Turf Gold® 22-5-6
Turf Gold® 22-5-6 Image

Our Turf Gold® formulation 22-5-6 is a mix of Turf Supreme and X-Cote with 40% coated slow release nitrogen. Turf Gold® provides up to 10 weeks of nitrogen release and allows application without watering for up to 24 hours without the danger of burn.

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X-Cote™ 43-0-0
X-Cote™ 43-0-0 Image

X-Cote™ (a unique polymer coated sulfur coated urea) delivers more Nitrogen (43%) with less sulfur (4%) than any other PCSCU in the business. More importantly it delivers more coated slow release nitrogen (40%). X-Cote™ will provide consistent extended feeding for 6 to 10 weeks depending on rates and application conditions. X-Cote™ gives you more of what you buy, slow release nitrogen fertilizer for affordable consistent long term feeding.

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