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Fine Fescue

Zones 1, 2, 3, 6 and shaded locations zone 4 A general term used for grasses such as creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, sheep fescue, and hard fescue. The grasses are most notable for their shade tolerance and low maintenance requirements.

Creeping Red Fescues Products

Aruba (Creeping Red)

Rapid seedling establishment

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Audubon (Creeping Red)
Audubon (Creeping Red) Image

Audubon is an excellent choice for shaded landscapes and is also an excellent choice on areas where regular maintenance is not possible.

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Lighthouse (Slender Creeping Red)
Lighthouse (Slender Creeping Red) Image

Tolerates shade better than many fine fescues making it an excellent choice for shaded areas. Also tolerates salt like other slender creeping red fescues.

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Hard Fescues Products

Ecostar (Hard)
Ecostar (Hard) Image

One of the best fine fescues for the Transitional Zone

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EcoStar Plus
EcoStar Plus Image

Superior turf quality to older generations, improved salt tolerance; and reduced vertical growth

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Chewings Fescues Products

Jamestown II (Chewings)
Jamestown II (Chewings) Image

#1 performer for Microdochiu patch resistance (snow mold)

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A hardy variety that provides a dark green, fine-textured turf for fairways or minimal maintenance areas.

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Sheep Fescues Products

Marco Polo (Sheep)
Marco Polo (Sheep) Image

Ideally suited for low maintenance areas, including roadsides, berms, and reclamation sites for ground cover and aesthetic quality

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