Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass

Zones 1, 2, 3 and winter overseeding zone 4, 5

The most popular cool-season grass for winter overseeding and turfgrass mixtures.  It is mainly used for its quick germination and ease of maintenance.

  • Accent

    Excellent seedling vigor

  • Accent II

    Accent II is our best sports ryegrass - in various wear tolerance trials, Accent II demonstrated its resilience ranking among the top entries for quality and maintaining high density even under traffic conditions.

  • Caddieshack

    Produces a beautiful lawn turf, featuring high density and medium-fine leaf texture

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  • Caddieshack II

    Caddieshack II with a rich dark green color, medium fine leaf texture and good density has good performance at different maintenance regimes-high, medium, and low input, and varying heights of cut.

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  • CSI-Rye™

    Creeping, spreading, innovative (CSI™ Rye) perennial ryegrass with the ability to repair damaged turf quickly via reproductive tillers

  • Gly-Rye™

    When a Jacklin experimental variety did not die after a research trial was completed—even after two applications of Glyphosate at 32 fl.oz./acre, we knew we had something special.  Mother Nature had given it a unique resistance to Glyphosate and Jacklin breeding gave it elite turf qualities.

  • GoalKeeper

    Good spring performance and green-up

  • GoalKeeper II

    Goalkeeper II is one of our fastest germinating ryegrasses and gets a jump on the season with excellent seedling vigor. Goalkeeper II establishes quickly resulting in little down time from your seeding project.

  • La Quinta

    La Quinta’s dark green genetic color, fine leaf texture and high density gives an added advantage in attractiveness along with outstanding turf performance

  • Monterey II

    Particularly easy to establish—either as a new seeding or when overseeded

  • Monterey 3

    Even during winter months, Monterey 3 shows great color retention making it a wonderful choice for winter overseeding

  • Revenge GLX

    Get Revenge against the major diseases of perennial ryegrass, including gray leaf spot!

  • Sunrise

    Sunrise has good salt tolerance and is one of the few perennial ryegrass varieties that can tolerate occasional irrigation with effluent water with salt levels up to 7,500 ppm.

  • Top Gun

    Produces an attractive turf, with medium-high density and a medium-fine leaf texture

  • Top Gun II

    Top Gun II can help reduce your chemical costs with improved resistance to pythium blight and brown patch—two diseases that are difficult to control with chemicals.

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