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Turf-Type Tall Fescue

Zones 1,2,3,4

Although considered a cool-season perennial grass, theses turf-type varieties can be used in the transition zone as well as warmer climates due to using less water during the summer when compared to other cool-season grasses.

Arid 3
Arid 3 Image

Our top-performing tall fescue variety

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Inferno Image

One of the hottest varieties around

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Jaguar 4G
Jaguar 4G Image

Superb results in trials for turf quality.

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NoNet® Spreading
NoNet® Spreading Image

Rhizomes and spreading ability enables quick establishment and ability to repair damaged turf without sacrificing turf quality or disease resistance

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Quest Image

Out-performed other tall fescue cultivars in salt trial

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Summer Image

Enjoy Summer with its amazingly fine leaf textured new variety. Summer stands up to the heat and has excellent turf density and turf quality.

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Siesta Image

Jacklin’s newest notably fine‐textured, dense, dark green variety. The selected breeding traits of Siesta allow you to spend more time enjoying your yard than you would maintaining an old tall fescue variety — and genetically Siesta will look and feel much better with less effort. It’s Siesta time!

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Flame NoNet® *NEW
Flame NoNet® Image

One of the spreading-type varieties in our NoNet® series.

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