JacklinGolf® consulting and Jacklin® Seed turfgrass

Good playing conditions and excellent turfgrass health add value to any golf course design. JacklinGolf® is a team of expert turf consultants ready to help you improve your turfgrass conditions – anywhere in the world. JacklinGolf® works for you to develop the best possible playing conditions through:

JacklinGolf® consulting services include:

  • Agronomic advice, training and support
  • Maintenance staff training
  • New golf course construction and supervision
  • Existing golf course improvement programs
  • Budgeting analysis and planning assistance in economical purchasing of supplies
  • Worldwide climate data research to fit the best grass to your site
  • Scientific test interpretation for soil, water and physical characteristics
  • Jacklin® turfgrass species and variety selection supported by results from national and international test data
  • Detailed written information on establishment and management of a wide range of turfgrass and specialty grasses

To contact JacklinGolf® and inquire about Jacklin® Seed for turfgrass and our golf course consulting services, please call 1(800) 688-SEED. International: +1 (208) 773-7581. Email.

JacklinGolf® is a member of the GCBAA (Golf Course Builders Association of America). For more information on the GCBAA, click here.