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SprayPack™ Products

A line of spray adjuvant products to enhance performance of your pesticide, growth regulator, and fertilizer products mixed into your spray tank and applied to your turf and ornamentals.

SprayPack™ Overview

Right On® Blue Right On® Green Spray-007™ Spray-Rite

A combination spray solution pH acidifier/buffer and water softener in a convenient, easy-to-use soluble powder.

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An organosilicone combined with a non-ionic surfactant.

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Spray-Mix™ Spray-Put™ (currently not available in CA)

SPRAY-PUT™ is a new multipurpose spray adjuvant that is a concentrated liquid premix of drift reduction polymers, retention aids and surfactant. SPRAY-PUT™ enhances pesticide performance on a wider range of weed species by improving spray droplet retention, adhesion and coverage on targeted leaf surfaces. Additionally, SPRAY-PUT™ reduces drift by mitigating the physical off target movement of spray droplets.

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A methylated seed oil (MSO) to aid in penetration through the leaf tissue.

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A 90% non-ionic surfactant.

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Tracer™ Green Tracer™ HD Blue