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Simplot’s U.S. operations

The J.R. Simplot Company has major operations in areas such as ranching, food processing, mining, retail, and fertilizer production in several states.

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Food Processing and Packaging

The Simplot Food Group owns and operates a number of facilities.  These are situated in prime growing areas and offer excellent access to our customers throughout the U.S.

Grand Forks, North Dakota, potato processing plant
The Grand Forks operation turns out traditional cuts of french fries, including shoestrings, thincuts, and regulars, as well as tater gems and hashbrowns.

The products are sold throughout the U.S. and to international customers, including regional and national quick-service restaurant chains and retail and full-line distribution companies.

Idaho Plant, potato processing plant
Building on the philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement, our state-of-the-art Idaho Factory spans over 425,000 square feet and sets exciting new standards for the industry. From field to freezer, the advancements within allow us to do more with less and sustainably lead for generations to come.

Moses Lake, Washington, potato processing plant
The Moses Lake plant processes a variety of products, including tater gems, hashbrowns, dehydrated potato granules, as well as shoestring, thincut, and regular french fries.

The products are sold to regional and national quick-service-restaurant chains and retail and full-line distribution companies. Customers are located throughout the U.S. and the international marketplace.

Othello, Washington, potato processing plant
The Othello facility produces a full line of traditional french fries, including shoestrings, thincuts, regulars, and wedges, as well as tater gems and hashbrown patties.

The plant serves regional and national quick-service restaurants and retail and full-line distributors. Products are distributed around the U.S. and overseas.

Fertilizer Manufacturing and Distribution

Fertilizer Distribution - wholesale operations
Lathrop-Helm, California - fertilizer manufacturing
Pocatello, Idaho - fertilizer manufacturing
Portland, Oregon - import terminal and distribution complex
Rock Springs, Wyoming - fertilizer manufacturing


Ranching and Feedlots

Grand View, Idaho - feedlot
Pasco, Washington - feedlot
Ranches in five western states

Seed Production

Jacklin® Seed, a Simplot subsidiary headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho, is a world leader in turf-grass seed research, production, and marketing, with seed distribution in more than 70 countries.

Simplot Western Stockmen’s

Burley, Idaho - retail store
Caldwell, Idaho - livestock feed production
Caldwell, Idaho - retail store
Jerome, Idaho - retail store
Sunnyside, Washington - retail store