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Our Sustainability Journey

Sustainability is woven into the J.R. Simplot Company’s Purpose and Core Values and we view it as a vital responsibility across our Business Groups and international operations. We believe that as a Company, and in our communities, our future relies on finding new, sustainable ways to produce more with less and doing it in ways that will meet the environmental and social needs of today and for generations to come.

At Simplot, we are true stewards of the land, air and sea, driven to provide more plentiful, healthier food using fewer resources. Since we have all components of the agricultural value chain from mine to plate, we can tackle agricultural sustainability issues like nobody else, and that’s the approach we’re taking with our new Sustainability goals.

Simplot’s 4Sight 2030 goals will:

  • Water
    • Reduce freshwater intake by 15% per ton of product
  • Energy
    • Reduce energy use by 15% per ton of product
  • Waste
    • ​Zero waste for landfill for in our food processing plants, globally
  • Carbon
    • ​Reduce carbon emissions by 20% per ton of product through direct reductions in facilities and annual soil carbon sequestration in Simplot-owned farms and ranches.
    • Invest in climate-smart innovations that will help farmers and ranchers adapt to climate change.