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Simplot Plant Sciences is committed to the responsible introduction and stewardship of Innate® potatoes. To support this commitment, we have developed the Innate® Stewardship Program, which is based on industry-recognized practices for managing the production, segregation, sale, distribution and utilization of seed and potatoes improved using biotechnology.

One component of this Program includes the implementation of a Closed Loop System (CLS) to direct potatoes and/or seed only to Simplot Plant Sciences licensed growers, packers, shippers and processors. Innate potatoes have been sold in the U.S. under CLS requirements since 2014. In March 2016, certain Innate varieties were approved in Canada. Each Innate licensee has agreed to follow processes designed to comprehensively manage Innate potatoes and seed separately from conventional potatoes from planting through sale. It is anticipated that Simplot and its Innate licensees will initiate Canadian domestic sales under the CLS in 2016.

Need more information?  Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about grower and CLS requirements.

Simplot Plant Sciences is also a member of Excellence Through Stewardship®, an organization committed to stewardship best management practices. Learn more at