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Introducting exciting new AVAIL® technology!

AVAIL® Phosphate Fertilizer Enhancer is a unique formulation designed to minimize fixation and maximize your fertilizer investment.

Simplot ONE™ is proud to introduce Simplot Stabilized Phosphate with AVAIL® Technology from Verdesian Life Sciences. While the science behind AVAIL® may be complex, the idea is simple. Certain chemical elements in the soil interfere with the ability of phosphorus’ to be absorbed by the plant. By minimizing the adverse effect of these elements on phosphate fertilizer, at the microenvironment level, AVAIL® increases the potential for more phosphorus to be absorbed by plant root systems. Simply put, Simplot Stabilized Phosphate with AVAIL® means more phosphate for your crops, and more yield potential for growers.

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AVAIL® Products

AVAIL® for Granular

AVAIL® for Granular Fertilizer is now being offered to our "application qualified" dealer customer base. The product is specifically designed for application on dry phosphate fertilizers (11-52-0, 18-46-0 & 16-20-0). Potential dealer customers are asked to please consult with their respective Simplot Area Managers prior to ordering and product impregnation.

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AVAIL® for Liquid

AVAIL® for Liquid is a concentrate product specifically created for dealer application into liquid phosphate solutions (i.e. 10-34-0). AVAIL® for Liquid is easily blended into liquid solutions converting these fertilizers into premium liquid blends containing the incredible technology of AVAIL®. Avail® for Liquid is recommended for both pop-up and side-dress liquid phosphate applications (no irrigation runs). AVAIL® for Liquid provides low cost phosphate insurance to your liquid phosphate programs. Utilize today’s technology to enhance your crops phosphate uptake. AVAIL® for Liquid; liquid phosphate fertilizer for today’s nutrient efficiency demand!!

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Mono-Ammonium Phosphate 11-52-0 SSP w/AVAIL®

Mono-Ammonium Phosphate, analysis, 11-52-0, SSP with AVAIL®.  The same Simplot consistent quality, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate product, specially enhanced with our new AVAIL® technology.  Enjoy the benefits of more phosphate uptake with SSP 11-52-0 w/AVAIL®.

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AVAIL® is a registered trademark of Verdesian Life Sciences.