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APEX® Horticultural Fertilizers Keep Your Plants Growing and Your Business Thriving

Beautiful Plants. Reduced Labor.

Managing a nursery can be unpredictable and challenging. Nurseries require an array of fertilizer options to keep a variety of plants growing and the business thriving. APEX® offers predictable and long-lasting controlled-release fertilizers that provide you with high-quality nutrients for any plant in any growing condition.

APEX® features application-specific formulations incorporating the latest agronomic technologies for beautiful plants.

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With You for the Long Haul

With the APEX® line of fertilizers, you’ll get the latest and most inventive nursery nutrition available along with some of the industry’s best support. Formulated with GAL-XeONE® controlled-release coating technology, APEX® fertilizers deliver consistent, continuous nutrition that matches a plant’s growth cycle throughout the entire season for uniformly finished, beautiful and durable plants.

In addition, the APEX line of fertilizers is backed by a family-run company committed to reliability and quality, ensuring that, no matter what the future holds, APEX® horticultural fertilizers are with you for the long haul.

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