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Increased operational efficiency and yield potential continue to top the list of objectives for growers working to improve their bottom line. The J.R. Simplot Company has developed a unique and powerful 6-24-6 (NPK) offering to aid in both those efforts.

Agronomic Features

6-24-6 is a low salt liquid phosphate fertilizer with an ortho/poly formulation, ideally blended for soil application. 6-24-6 delivers:

  • Immediate phosphate availability
  • Enhanced root stimulation
  • Improved early plant development

Benefits to the Grower

Simplot’s 6-24-6 enables growers to capitalize on more than just enhanced plant yields by increasing everyday operational productivity through:

  • In furrow application
  • The capability to integrate multiple micro-nutrient packages for a single complete application
  • UAN Compatibility
  • Safe and sustainable cold weather storage

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