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Frequently Asked Questions


How can SimVitro® embryos help change my herd?
SimVitro® embryos allow for a more rapid rate of genetic progress for your whole herd. Once you and your SimVitro® herd consultant identify the characteristics to best improve your herd, you will see significant impact on your rate of genetic progress within one generation. SimVitro® embryos allow you to produce calves with high genetic and economic value, regardless of the genetics or parentage of the recipient cow(s).

Can SimVitro® embryos help with Crossbreeding?
SimVitro® will consistently enhance your herd with the genetic traits you’re looking for. It will provide significant hybrid vigor in your crossbred herd by allowing each generation to have the same breed combinations and percentage influence.

Are SimVitro® embryos cost-effective?
Yes. SimVitro® embryos can help you maximize your return on investment. Industry experts estimate that a 1 percent increase in 21 day pregnancy rate can yield up to $25 per cow, per year in returns, depending on current milk prices and a dairy herd’s current pregnancy rate. Research has shown that the use of embryos can help overcome challenges related to low fertility levels in females.

What is the genetic level of calves from SimVitro® embryos?
Simplot Animal Sciences can create SimVitro® embryos that possess genetic levels to meet the unique and specific needs of the customer. Even without customer-provided genetics, SimVitro® results in significantly improved calves in one generation.

What level of genetic progress can be achieved with SimVitro® embryos?
The strategic use and implementation of SimVitro® embryos offers any producer a new and unique opportunity to accelerate genetic progress in a herd over traditional AI or even conventional embryo transfer. The customized options that are available help shorten the generation interval to achieve the genetic goals of a herd and increase the uniformity of any herd. SimVitro® embryos further accelerate the rate of genetic advancement in any herd.


What are SimVitro® Embryos?
SimVitro® embryos are commercially produced IVF embryos. SimVitro® Embryos are created using Simplot GROs (Genetic Recover Oocytes) from herds around the USA to match your specific needs.

What are Simplot GROs (Genetic Recover Oocytes)?
Simplot GROs are the specific oocytes used to create SimVitro® embryos. Simplot GROs are sourced based on a customers’ goals and needs. GROs may be sourced from average females, high production females or your herd. Each group of GROs is mated to a proven sire to maximize the resulting embryo’s genetic potential.

What genetics are available?
Simplot has one of the largest cow/calf operations in the U.S. with access to the best dairy and beef cattle in North America. Our GROs are sourced based on your specific goals and needs. We match each group of GROs with a proven sire to maximize the resulting embryo’s genetic potential. SimVitro® embryos can be made from any breed and sire. Our standard commercially available inventory has embryos from Holstein, Jersey and beef breeds. We use breed-leading sires to maximize the genetic value of the embryos.

If I use SimVitro® embryos to change my herd, how do I continue through future generations?
SimVitro® offers a full spectrum of customized options. If you are looking to maintain a consistent, repeatable genetic base for multiple calving cycles and/or generations, we can transfer SimVitro® embryos of the same specifications into the first generation of animals to maintain consistency. SimVitro® also allows you to continue using the same strategies beyond the first generation.

What level of labor and expertise do I need to use SimVitro?
SimVitro® embryos can be transferred by any trained technician; the use of frozen IVF embryos even makes it viable to use embryos with the same flexibility of artificial insemination.

The Science

What pregnancy rates can I expect?
With SimVitro® embryos, you can expect to achieve pregnancy rates similar to AI. Repeat breeders can expect an improvement in pregnancy rate over AI, because the implanted embryo circumvents fertility-related challenges and starts with the placement of an already viable embryo. As with pregnancy rates in general, variability can be great due to environment, animal management, recipient quality and even seasonal impacts.

Is there genetic information or production records on the Dam?
Because GROs may be sourced from average females, high production females or your specific herd, this information varies significantly. Contact your SimVitro® herd consultant for information related to your specific needs.

What is Simplot’s level of experience?
Simplot has invested decades of research and improvement to make commercial application of IVF embryos feasible for our customers. Our deep knowledge of IVF technology paired with our history of innovation in commercial agriculture allows us to leverage multiple market approaches to help producers achieve their goals. Simplot is the largest beef cattle producer in the western U.S. with extensive farm and ranch holdings, including feedlots. Our pioneering history in plant and food agriculture has fueled research for new ways to develop and feed animals in sustained ecosystems.

In addition, our understanding of commercial-scale food resource development and production has provided the spirit to take advanced reproductive technologies – such as IVF – to a scale beyond breeding stock production and allows commercial dairy producers and cattlemen alike to apply the technology to their businesses.

SimVitro® embryos are backed by the trusted Simplot brand, ensuring producers have the service, commitment and expertise to improve their agricultural business from a pioneer in the same industry.

SimVitro™ is a trademark of the J.R. Simplot Company.