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Dairy replacement heifer program from Simplot Livestock Company

Simplot Livestock Company provides a comprehensive dairy replacement heifer program to dairy farmers both near and far from our Grand View, Idaho, and Pasco, Washington, feedlot locations.

At both feedlot locations dairy cattle are housed separately from beef cattle and are cared for by local veterinarians, nutritionists, breeding technicians and the expert onsite Simplot Livestock Company staff. When you trust us to develop your dairy heifers, you can be assured that we take great care in the health and nutrition of your dairy heifers.

Both feedlot locations have capacity for 15,000 Holstein heifers. Our size, strategic locations and competitive pricing means that we can accommodate a number of dairy customers at one time without compromising quality care.

Click here to learn more about the specifics of each feedlot location, or contact us to discuss your dairy heifer replacement needs.