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Choose between our Idaho or Washington feedlot location

Grand View, Idaho feedlot

The feedlot location in Grand View, Idaho, which spans 750 acres, is 60 miles southwest of Boise, Idaho. Not only is the feedlot protected by a natural rimrock, but it also benefits from minimal rainfall and moderate temperatures year-round. Average annual precipitation is 6.6 inches and the average annual temperature is 67 degrees, making for an ideal setting to feed cattle throughout the year.

1301 Hwy 67
Grand View, ID 83624
Phone: (208) 834-2231

Pasco, Washington feedlot

The feedlot location in Pasco, Simplot Feeders Limited, is located 15 miles southeast of Pasco, Washington, on 500 acres of land. The feedlot, which opened in 1968, has specialized in custom-feeding cattle since its inception. The Pasco feedlot also boasts a mild climate with 65 degrees for the average temperature and around 7 inches of annual rainfall.

Simplot Feeders is located adjacent to a Tyson® meat packing operation, which allows us to walk cattle from our feedlot to the plant. This increases the value of the animals through freight savings and increase in carcass yield.

13981 Dodd Road
Burbank, WA 99323
Phone: (509) 547-8864