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Simplot Cattle Programs

In every one of Simplot’s cattle programs, our biggest goal is to give you a positive return on your investment. That’s why we focus our resources on the feedlot and on innovative technology and effective marketing practices.

Finishing Cattle
Simplot specializes in the finishing of fat cattle.  An individual program is designed specifically to the cattle at hand, but all programs start with a risk management profile to ensure we lock in the feed needed to bring the cattle to harvest profitably.

Backgrounding Cattle
Through the Backgrounding Cattle program ranchers allow Simplot to background their calves to 750 - 800 lbs. If you choose to partner with us, we will notify you once your cattle reach an acceptable weight and then re-market the cattle. This program gives you the freedom to focus your time and expertise elsewhere, while still earning a profit on your calves.

Naturally fed cattle
Our Pasco, Washington, feedlot is a certified, third-party verified natural feed yard. Naturally fed cattle never receive hormones, ionophores or antibiotics and those in the industry may recognize this as NE3 certified. We’re proud to have this certification.

Back to Grass
For our ranching customers who want their lightweight cattle to be ready for spring, Simplot offers the Back to Grass program. Bring in your calves during the fall, and we will put them on a low-energy ration that prepares them for spring grass.

Other programs
In addition to the programs mentioned here, Simplot partners with ranchers and farmers in a number of ways including Beef Heifer Development and Dairy Heifer Development.