Bringing Earth's
Resources to Life

Simplot community involvement

The J.R. Simplot Company and its employees understand that customer satisfaction and profitability are important, but they’re only part of the equation. A successful company must also be a responsible member of its local communities. One of the ways we demonstrate this commitment is by supporting organizations and programs that benefit both the communities in which we operate and society as a whole. We support 501(c)3 organizations whose primary mission fits one of the five following focus areas:

ballet Dancers


Organizations which encourage creative, cultural endeavors through the visual and performing arts.

science picture


Public and private higher education institutions and certain elementary and secondary projects and activities.

youth picture


Programs and activities which specifically benefit young people, especially programs targeted at the prevention, rather than treatment or correction, of youth-related problems.

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Health care and human services, and programs which offer such services.

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501(c)3 industry organizations directly connected to our business.

For your convenience, we have developed an online proposal tool. Though we recognize every request is important, due to the numerous requests received, we are unable to support them all. In order for your request to reach the appropriate teams for review, and to ensure that we respond with a decision in a timely manner, we ask that all proposals be submitted through the online proposal tool. We carefully review each of these requests on a quarterly basis, so please allow 8-12 weeks for review and follow up. Please note that we no longer accept requests via email, fax, mail or phone.