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Carrier Information

General requirements:

  • All carriers must log in with security, showing picture ID.
  • All new drivers will need to read and sign truck driver rule sheet every year.
  • Trucks must meet all DOT requirements (placards, regulatory tests current).
  • Any truck arriving for a load that last unloaded at a reactor site needs to notify operations prior to loading.
  • Trucks must not have quarter turn valves unless equipped with a device to lock closed.

Urea trucks also require:

  • Load confirmation
  • Scheduled load time
  • CDL
  • Tarps on all urea loads (no holes in tarps)
  • Trailer interior needs to be clean and free of water or other material (grain, fertilizer, etc.)
  • Maximum height on coarse fines truck is 10 feet.
  • Bag trucks require tarps, v-boards and adequate tie-downs. Bag trucks, flatbeds or curtain trailers are best.

Ammonia trucks also require:

  • Load confirmation
  • Scheduled load time
  • CDL
  • A current Far West or California Fertilizer card for handling ammonia. Operations will request to see this card.

Rivergate facility
Rivergate does not have a loading dock. If a van or truck comes in, truck drivers are required to pallet jack their own loads. Rivergate does have a pallet jack they can borrow if needed.

A full face respirator is required when performing maintenance or operational work. The following excerpt from Garin Erickson Corp HES is also required at Rivergate:

Bulk ammonia transport requirements: STORAGE AND HANDLING OF ANHYDROUS AMMONIA 29 CFR 1910.111 (from Oregon Regulations Subpart H) (b)(1) ANSI K61.1 incorporated by reference (b)(10)(iv): Each vehicle transporting ammonia in bulk except for farm applicator vehicles shall carry a container of at least 5 gallons of water and shall be equipped with a full face mask.

3. Safety
3.5 Cargo Tanks
3.5.1 Each cargo tank transporting ammonia except an implement of husbandry shall carry for first aid purposes

  • at least 5 gallons (20L) of clean water in a container designed to provide ready access to the water for flushing any area of the body contacted by ammonia
  • one pair of gloves impervious to ammonia a full facepiece gas mask with an ammonia canister and at least one spare canister; and chemical splash goggles, or
  • chemical splash goggles with a full face shield, to be worn over the goggles.
  • The stipulation to have a full face gas mask requires that the driver is qualified to wear one. This means that drivers must be clean shaven in the facepiece-sealing surface areas and included in a fully functioning respiratory protection program.

Carrier Information Pack - Don Plant (PDF)

Carrier Information Pack - CA, OR, TX, WY Plants (PDF)

Fuel Surcharge Letter (PDF)