What's the difference between a mixed feed supplement and a feed phosphate ingredient?

To ensure you are getting the highest quality feed ingredients, ask your supplier if they offer blended or fully reacted product.

Simphos® provides a fully reacted feed phosphate product, created to meet the specifications of feed manufacturers. Adding calcite or calcium carbonate to a monocalcium feed phosphate creates a blend by definition, which in accordance with indtusry standards should be labeled as a mixed feed or blend with calcium carbonate named in the mixed ingredient list. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) defines the definition for proper labeling of feed ingredients as either calcined, fused, participated, or reacted calcium phosphate.

Studies conducted by University and independent labs have verified with x-ray detection analysis (XRF and XRD) that some samples of product labeled as a feed phosphate ingredient did in fact contain calcite as calcium carbonate or limestone. These blends use limestone or calcium carbonate as filler material to lower the phosphorus or "P" content of feed phosphates -- rendering these products a mixed feed or blend rather than a feed phosphate ingredient.

Simphos Feed Ingredients manages the quality and consistency of our products from the ore we mine in Vernal, Utah through the manufacturing process to achieve 100% mono-calcium phosphate.

Benefits of Simphos include:

  • Naturally occuring chromium from the ore we mine which contributes to the feed formulation
  • Less dusty product due to no added filler material in attempting to achieve balanced nutrient levels
  • All-natural color from the premium ore ore body our product originates from
  • High production standards and strict quality control to provide the chemical characteristics and biological availability required by feed manufacturers

Simphos Feed Ingredients


The purest reserve of phosphate rock in North America originates from our mine in Vernal, Utah. Our phosphoric acid is created from this rock and fully reacted with a premium white limestone to create a high quality feed phosphate. With the largest estimated phosphate ore reserves in North America and continuous investments in our infrastructure here in the United States, we are committed to supplying our animal feed partners and customers well into the future as a privately held business.

Choose Simphos for incomparable quality in every shipment.

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Fully reacted ingredient or blend?

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21P Product Datasheet

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18.5P Product Datasheet

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11-24P Product Datasheet

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