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CARE: A Safety and Security Framework That’s Prepared to Meet Today’s Challenges Image

CARE: A Safety and Security Framework That’s Prepared to Meet Today’s Challenges

A good safety policy can never be taken for granted; it must be continually reinvigorated with fresh ideas, and revised to meet new challenges. The recognition of this fact at the J.R. Simplot Company is what led to the creation of CARE, a comprehensive and evolving framework for the continual improvement of safety and security throughout the Company and the communities it serves.

CARE came to life more than a decade ago around a central set of principles:

  • Choose to commit
  • Assess physical and behavioral
  • React to resolve
  • Explain and encourage

Adjusting to events of the past decade, CARE has also increasingly focused on the role of security as a crucial element in employee safety. Whereas a last-generation safety policy might have focused only on preventing workplace accidents, today’s approach must also be concerned with issues like access, inspection, proactive crisis management, and ongoing cooperation with local and federal authorities.

Spreading the safety message effectively is instrumental to keeping CARE relevant. A campaign of decals was created for Simplot Growers Solutions vehicles to call attention to how employees should always be thinking about safety and security. Employee participants wear hats and shirts emblazoned with the CARE logo.

Employee training has been continually updated under the guidance of CARE to keep pace with evolving safety and security issues in the workplace, which in turn keep employees engaged and attentive to both concerns. Ongoing evacuation and security drills are undertaken so that employees remain prepared for a range of possible circumstances, and always know how to keep themselves out of harm’s way. Employee health and safety officers routinely evaluate the progress of the program, and reward high achievement and encourage others to work toward a safe and secure workplace.

As the messages from the decal campaign have taken hold, Simplot has been expanding that effort nationwide to include other parts of the Company.