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Kentucky Bluegrass

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The variety that started the Fairway Bluegrass phenomenon--high density at clipping heights down to 1/2 inch (1.25 cm)

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Bedazzled Bewitched Beyond
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Exceptionally strong Midwestern turf performance

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Blueberry BlueChip
BlueChip Image

BlueChip is the affordable Kentucky Bluegrass that compliments any Jacklin blend.

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BlueChip Plus
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BlueChip Plus is the affordable Kentucky bluegrass that compliments any Jacklin blend.

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Everest Image

Peak performance under high temperature and humidity

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EverGlade Image

Our latest generation in improvements on 'Glade' Kentucky bluegrass--multiple genetic enhancements

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Superior heat and drought resistance yet tolerant of cold winters

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Jackpot Blue
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Jackpot Kentucky bluegrass is a winner with great spring green up and was bred for tolerance against many strains of rust and powdery mildew. Cost saving variety that’s a good fit to blend with elite 5-Steps Above varieties.

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Tied for #1 in national test trials--"You can't get better bluegrass than Liberator!" Research Summary

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My Holiday Lawn™
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My Holiday Lawn™ has a unique low-growing canopy that can be mowed as little as once a month and has the elite turf quality you expect from Jacklin Kentucky bluegrass varieties. Learn more

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NuBlue Plus
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Affordable choice to combine with any Jacklin blend or mix

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Shade tolerance even topping the original 'Glade'

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Rugby II
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Attractive, shiny, rich dark green appearance

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