Simplot Australia Procurement Category Leader Manni Kalisperis honored for his enduring commitment to seafood and sustainability.

May 16, 2023

Recently, one very deserving Simplot employee was honored for his enduring commitment to seafood and sustainability. Simplot Australia Procurement Category Leader Manni Kalisperis received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Sustainable Seafood Awards Australia, which coincided with Sustainable Seafood Week.

The annual honors are presented by the international non-profit Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in partnership with the global Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). The awards celebrate the organizations and individuals who work to ensure seafood stocks are safeguarded for future generations. They also recognize impact, commitment, progress and leadership in sustainable seafood production practices.

This Lifetime Achievement Award is a testament to Kalisperis’s passion for his vocation. And the “lifetime” portion is particularly apt: Kalisperis comes from a fishing family in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. From an early age he valued the importance of sustainable fishing.

Manni Kaliperis and his Award

Since starting work at Simplot Australia more than 20 years ago, Kalisperis has played an integral role in the Company’s procurement function, working tirelessly to advance the sustainability of its seafood sourcing practices and supporting the development of its Responsible Seafood Sourcing Program.

When the John West brand become part of Simplot Australia’s portfolio in 2003, Kalisperis worked as part of the brand’s Procurement Team and in conjunction with the MSC, ASC and WWF-Australia to advance seafood sustainability across multiple species. He was also part of the team that led John West in Australia to become the first brand in the world to use 100% MSC certified for all skipjack tuna products within their shelf-seafood range. Since then, on average more than 80 million cans of John West MSC tuna have been consumed by Australians each year.

Australians and consumers across the globe love seafood, and Simplot appreciates and celebrates Kalisperis’ and the broader Australian team’s efforts to advance important sustainability practices in the seafood industry. These critical efforts protect the future of seafood, for people and the planet.

Learn more about Simplot’s commitment to sustainable seafood here. You can also watch this video from the awards ceremony.

Did you know: The J.R. Simplot Company is one of Australia’s largest seafood providers. Simplot has more than 2,000 employees in Australia and surrounding areas and has had a substantial business presence there for more than 25 years. Simplot’s Australian operations are headquartered in Melbourne.

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