Zero Waste in Mexico for Avocados

May 06, 2022
J.R. Simplot Company

BOISE, Idaho — Food waste is a major problem around the world, and it’s not just because of scraps, peels and other leftovers. Food waste also represents a loss of energy, fuel and water used to grow the food. The 1.3 billion tons of food wasted globally each year represents a loss of 45 trillion gallons of water, according to the World Resources Institute.

One way Simplot deals with waste from our potato processing plants is to feed it to happy, healthy livestock. We’ve also found sustainable, innovative solutions to food waste in other parts of the company.

Currently, Simplot’s two Mexico sites, in Irapuato and Morelia, are recycling 100% of their organic waste. Organic means any pits, skins, peels, fruit that doesn’t meet standards, and unusable pulp.

Image of Morelia Plant line workers

To start, both plants sell any unusable fruit to avocado oil producers, eliminating that waste stream. Both also compost and use organic waste as fertilizer.

At Irapuato, a portion of the organic waste is sold to a biofuel company. At Morelia, they are working with a biofuel company that will sell their fuel to steel companies with the goal of reducing carbon usage. Morelia is also sending a small portion of their organic waste to a company that produces bioplastics such as forks and spoons out of avocado pits.

As part of its 4Sight 2030 Goals for sustainability, Simplot has a goal of zero waste to landfill from our food processing plants. Our sites in Mexico are working hard to help us to reach that goal before 2030. 

About Simplot

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