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Simphos® Feed: Highest quality feed ingredients on the market

Consistent physical and chemical characteristics. High biological availability. The lowest heavy metal profile in the industry.

The J.R. Simplot Company sells Simphos® because it contains the best feed phosphate ingredients available. It all starts with the phosphate rock from our mine in Vernal, Utah. The phosphoric acid produced from this rock is combined with a premium white limestone to create finished feed phosphates, which are important nutritional supplements for livestock and poultry.

As the only producer in the West, our location offers you faster delivery and lower freight costs, regardless of where you are located.

Learn more about Simphos® Feed and its ingredients by selecting from the list of products.

To ensure you are getting the highest quality feed ingredients, ask your supplier if they offer blended or fully reacted product: What's the difference between a blend and a fully reacted feed ingredient? 

Dry Products

Monocalcium-Dicalcium Feed Phosphate 21P

Simphos 21P is a monocalcium-dicalcium feed phosphate made especially for the formula feed industry. It is two-thirds monocalcium and one-third dicalcium phosphate.

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Dicalcium Feed Phosphate 18.5P

Simphos 18.5P is a dicalcium feed phosphate made especially for the formula feed industry. The balanced calcium to phosphorus ration (approximately 1.1:1) allows flexibility in formulations.

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Sodium Bicarbonate

Feed grade sodium bicarbonate is a white, crystalline compound used predominately in dairy rations. This product benefits dairy cattle by buffering rumen acid, which increases feed intake and improves productivity.

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Ammonium Sulfate-Feed Grade 21-0-0-24S

Feed grade ammonium sulfate (21-0-0-24S) is a white, crystalline compound used in dairy and feedlot cattle rations.

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Liquid Products

Defluorinated Phosophoric Acid 23.5P

Defluorinated Phosphoric Acid 23.5P is an defluorinated phosphoric acid produced at our Rock Springs, WY facility. It combines with all carriers to form a highly acceptable liquid supplement for all types of livestock.

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