Genetic Evaluation

Simplot Land & Livestock offers a cooperative Genetic Evaluation Service for Charolais breeders focused on making genetic improvement in terminal sires.


Simplot Land and Livestock Genetic Evaluation Service™

This system combines industry standard purebred phenotyping, commercial production data, and genomic profiles to deliver accurate expected progeny differences (EPDs) and a terminal-sire selection index focused on producing commercial calves with superior genetic merit through the feeding period. We are dedicated to making long-term improvements to the genetic merit of Charolais terminal sires for both commercial and purebred applications.

The value in our Genetic Evaluation Service is derived from an exclusive and extensive database of accurate phenotypes on both purebred and commercial animals specific to Simplot Land & Livestock (L&L) and a limited number of cooperating Charolais breeders.

There are currently 6,097 Charolais bulls and 4,203 Charolais females with phenotypes and genotypes in our exclusive L&L database. Additionally, commercial phenotypes from weaning to harvest have been captured on 41,241 genotyped commercial calves. Individual feed intakes are measured at an in-house GrowSafe System in Grand View, Idaho. A full list of traits in the genetic evaluation with the average EPD accuracy and heritability is shown in Table 1.

Trait Records   EPD ACC Heritability 
BW  7,627 0.78 0.35
WW 27,203 0.76 0.21
ADG 53,103 0.78 0.26
FI  12,050 0.74 0.31
RFI 12,050 0.74 0.31
FAT 39,094 0.79 0.39
REA 39,588 0.79 0.30
MARB 38,486 0.79 0.39
Ult FAT 5,593 0.74 0.38
Ult REA 5,587 0.76 0.39
Ult MARB 5,595 0.75 0.34
YG 39,094 0.72 0.40
HCW 41,241 0.79 0.37


Accurate EPDs Driven by Phenotypes and Genomic Profiles

Offering a cooperative genetic evaluation allows for the capture of maximum genetic variation represented in the Charolais breed. This allows purebred producers to have access to a set of EPDs where every sire is informed by accurate commercial data and a genomic marker panel, which is not offered by the current model of National Cattle Evaluation. Commercial sires in the evaluation average 17 calves with production phenotypes directly informing the EPD.

Our Genetic Evaluation Service returns a full suite of EPDs accompanied by individual accuracy estimates in addition to a terminal-sire index for feeder calf profitability ($FCP). This index combines purebred and commercial performance to return a selection tool revealing overall genetic merit in commercial calves. The result is an accurate suite of selection tools informed by an extensive database of reliable production data.

Breeders can participate with phenotypes collected on contemporary groups of sires accompanied by a DNA sample or a historical genomic single neucleotide polymorphism (SNP) profile. We are happy to discuss custom applications to fit your breeding program.

Options and Pricing

Simplot Genetic Evaluation Service for Charolais cattle is available in a variety of tiers to meet the needs of your cattle operation. From basic to advanced, we help you know your herd in precise detail.
Tier 1 Full Progeny Test - $8,500/sire

A full progeny test provides access to accurate selection tools to create a comprehensive genetic evaluation. This service includes:

  • AI to selected population
  • Collection of phenotypes in Table 1 on purebred or commercial animals, including GrowSafe Feed Intake
  • DNA collection and genotyping service
  • EPD profiles, accuracy estimates, and $FCP index reporting
  • Semi-annual updates to EPD profiles, accuracy, and $FCP index
  • Custom phenotypes optional (i.e., sensory profile, bovine respiratory disease resistance, tenderness. Additional costs may apply.)
  • Breeder will be required to supply 60 - 75 units of semen.
Tier 2 Full Progeny Test - $5,000/sire
Includes all the service features of the Tier 1 Full Progeny Test with the deduction of GrowSafe Feed Intake measurement.
Tier 3 Full Progeny Test - $4,000/sire
Includes all the service features of the Tier 2 Full Progeny Test with the deduction of calving data collection.
Basic Evaluation - $80/head

Purchase of the basic evaluation only requires phenotypes (breeder provided) on a contemporary group of 10 or more Charolais bulls and hair samples for DNA profiling. Phenotypes that can be incorporated into the EPD prediction include BW, WW, ADG, FI, and ultrasound measurements (FAT, REA and MARB).

The evaluation will provide EPDs with accuracy estimates for all traits in Table 1 along with the terminal sire index for feeder calf profitability. This evaluation produces accurate EPDs informed by the full database of traits including the commercial production data collected through harvest.



While Simplot L&L will use comprehensive tools and prediction models to assess criteria for making genetic improvements to a breeder’s Charolais herd, our Genetic Evaluation Services are based upon information and data provided by the breeder. We therefore cannot and do not guarantee any results or specific outcomes and disclaim any and all implied or express representations and warranties. Breeder grants permission to incorporate breeder data into Simplot’s exclusive proprietary database in order for L&L to perform Genetic Evaluation Services. Data will not be shared with any outside party without prior written consent from the breeder.

For more information, please contact:

Randall Raymond, DVM 
Director of Research and Veterinary Services 
Phone: (208) 834-2231

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