Simplot Western Stockmen's Locations

We offer a variety of products you need in one location. At Simplot Western Stockmen’s, we have all the supplies you need for your cattle, horses, chickens, goals, sheep, pigs and rabbits.

And if you don’t want to search the store to find all the items you need, pass your list off to our staff and we’ll gladly grab everything for you. We’ll even load it in your vehicle while you enjoy our complimentary coffee bar.

We currently have four SWS store locations in Idaho and Washington.


Burley, ID

1001 W. Main St. Burley, ID 83318

(208) 878-7224


Jerome, ID

1100 W. Main St. Jerome, ID 83338

(208) 733-6145


Caldwell, ID

101 Rodeo Ave Caldwell, ID 83605

(208) 459-0806


Sunnyside, WA

213 Yakima Valley Highway Sunnyside, WA 98944

(509) 836-0267

Simplot Western Stockmen’s Sales Reps

Our staff goes through trainings from our vendors frequently, so we are up to date on all the industry’s best practices. If we don’t know the answer, we are only a phone call away from the many local vets, technical reps and industry sales professionals that we have excellent relationships with.

Kurt Wolsborn
General Manager
(208) 780-4806

Ben Gavica
Director Sales & Marketing
(208) 780-4870

Ramona Ridley
Marketing Solutions Manager
(208) 780-4868

Brian Harris
Beef Team Manager
(208) 850-0318

For wholesale services, including bulk sales, please call Ben Gavica at (208) 780-4870.

Big Sky Region
Eastern Region
Simplot SWS Russ Paceley

Russ Paceley
Dairy Team
(208) 312-0357

Simplot SWS Jim Ryska

Jim Ryska
Beef Team
(208) 890-4312

Simplot SWS Mackenzie Stevens

Mackenzie Stevens
Beef Team
(208) 731-2177

Simplot SWS Kelsie Nalder

Kelsie Nalder
Dairy Team
(208) 421-4756

Central Region

Simplot SWS Chad De Witt

Chad De Witt
Beef Team
(208) 891-0324

Simplot SWS Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson
Beef Team
(208) 985-4942

Simplot SWS Clare Pratt

Clare Pratt
Dairy and Beef Team
(208) 369-7869

Simplot SWS Mike McHugh

Mike McHugh
Dairy Team
(208) 250-7339

Western Region
Simplot SWS Kyle Marino

Kyle Marino
Beef Team
(541) 699-8347

Northwest Region
Simplot SWS Dean Hibbs

Dean Hibbs
Dairy Team
(509) 420-3320

Simplot SWS Reid Benjert

Reid Benjert
Dairy Team
(509) 439-9312

Simplot SWS Turk Bates

Turk Bates
Beef Team
(208) 477-3927


Other Simplot Livestock Services

Custom Cattle Feeding

Our goal: A positive return on your investment.

Livestock Specialty Services

Feed, genetics and more for your livestock operation.


The Things You Need

Since 1959, the employees behind Simplot Western Stockmen’s (SWS) have been customer-focused and quality-driven with diverse products for the livestock and agriculture industries. We sell feed, animal health products, over-the-counter and prescription veterinary medications, hardware, fencing, pest control and more.

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