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BEST® Fertilizer Products

Below you will find a list of all BEST® Fertilizer products.  Our products can also be viewed By Usage and By Technology for your convenience.

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16-0-8 with 0.28% Prodiamine 22-0-4 with 0.28% Prodiamine 6-24-24 XB+
6-24-24 XB+ Image

New stronger formulated XB is a dust free, homogeneous pellet now containing a 1-4-4 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. XB+ also has non-staining iron and sulfur. It is an excellent formulation for use as a pre-plant fertilizer for turf and ornamentals.

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9 Iron Minis 9-9-9
9 Iron Minis 9-9-9 Image

An all purpose mini-sized homogeneous fertilizer enriched with 9% iron and 11% sulfur.

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All-Season 19-6-12 with GAL-XE ONE®

All-Season 19-6-12 is a combination of GAL-XE ONE® (polymer-coated urea) and a premium homogeneous pellet to provide a 3:1:2 ratio in a slow-release formula for the maintenance of turfgrass and ornamentals. It provides a nitrogen response for up to 12 weeks. With a high potassium ratio, 2.25% iron, .25% zinc, and 13% sulfur, this premium controlled-release product gives exceptional performance for the professional turf manager.

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Ammonium Phosphate 16-20-0

This ammonium phosphate fertilizer has the unique feature of containing up to 300 lbs. of sulfate sulfur, in each homogeneous ton. Simplot’s 16-20-0-(13/15S) is as versatile, as it is nutrient balanced.

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Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0

As its name, and chemical formula denote, Simplot’s Ammonium Sulfate, is a two-in-one fertilizer. Its crystal form, and 21-0-0 analysis, are one of agriculture’s oldest solid forms of fertilizer.

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BEST 30-1-9 Mini with GAL-XE ONE®

A long lasting mini sized, controlled release fertilizer. Contains Iron and Manganese. * Available through select distributors.

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BEST One-Shot

BEST® One-Shot with Dimension and Trimec controls broadleaf weeds and stops germination of these and grassy weeds in one easy step, while fertilizing with the number one turf food in the West, Turf Supreme! BEST® One Shot is the professional's ultimate combination product; combining Turf Supreme 16-6-8, Trimec broadleaf post emergent herbicide and Dimension preemergent herbicide. Click here to view the Quick Application Rates. View Application Information

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BEST PAKS® 20-10-5 with Minors

These biodegradable packets contain enough GAL-XE ONE™-coated controlled-release nitrogen to sustain most plants for 12 months. With an expanded package of minors and secondary elements, BEST PAKS® can feed for an entire year while effectively limiting the potential for leaching and ground water contamination.

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BEST TABS® 20-10-5 (21 gram)

BEST TABS® meet and exceed specifications established by landscape architects and contractors for 20-10-5 analysis fertilizer planting tablets. These fertilizer tablets use the Ureaform slow-release fertilizer technology for long-term nutrient release. Our expanded minor and secondary element package provide the newly installed plants with the necessary nutrients for that important first year.

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Dimension® 270G
Dimension® 270G Image

Best Dimension® 270G specialty herbicide provides preemergence and early postemergence control of crabgrass, and season-long control of crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, spurge and Poa annua in a convenient granular formula. Made with Biodac, it is a consistently sized, environmentally friendly, virtually dust free carrier. Dimension® 270G can be used over the top of field- and container-grown nursery and landscape ornamentals, in established lawns, golf course fairways, roughs, tee boxes, and commercial sod farms.

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Endure 16-16-16
Endure 16-16-16 Image

Endure has been reformulated to provide more nutrients and 73% Controlled release Nitrogen from GAL-XE ONE and X-Cote. Endure 16-16-16 is excellent for pre-plant and overseeding applications.

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Evergreen™ 18-5-0 Minis + 5% Iron with 0.40% Barricade®
Evergreen™ 18-5-0 Minis + 5% Iron with 0.40% Barricade® Image

This mini-pellet contains 18% Ammoniacal Nitrogen,5% Phosphorus and 5% Iron fertilizer plus Barricade® is a selective pre-emergent herbicide, which will control crabgrass, common annual grasses and selected broadleaf weeds in established turf. Barricade® provides excellent season-long control of crabgrass with one application.

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Evergreen™ 18-5-0 with .19% Dimension

A mini-pellet fertilizer/herbicide combination that controls annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in ornamental landscape areas, established lawns and ornamental turf, on golf fairways, roughs, and tee boxes. Also provides post-emergence crabgrass control up to the four-leaf stage.

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EverGreen™ 18-5-0 with 5% Iron
EverGreen™ 18-5-0 with 5% Iron Image

You have never seen green until you have seen EverGreen™. Homogeneous pellets containing 5% non-staining iron. Contains ammoniacal nitrogen -- the most effective source of N for all seasons. 5% Phosphate for plant establishment & root development. Ask your BEST representative or your local BEST distributor for details.

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Full Season 24-4-8
Full Season 24-4-8 Image

A high quality 6:1:2 ratio formulation providing season long color for all varieties of turf. Provides consistent predictable release of Nitrogen providing up to 20 weeks of response.

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Greens King® 10-21-21

A premium greens fertilizer, containing 4.76 units of Slowly Available Nitrogen from Nutralene. Contains iron and sulfur for improved color response.

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Greens King® 18-2-24

A quality high potassium greens fertilizer formulated with Nutralene and sulfate of potash. 66% of this products nitrogen is derived from Nutralene. Key micronutrients have been added to supply a complete package of nutrients.

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Greens King® 20-3-20

Greens King® 20-3-20 is the ultimate in greens fertilization with 96% of its nitrogen derived from Nutralene. This greens formulation has a broad range of micronutrients to meet your turfgrass nutrient requirements.

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Greens King® 24K (10-2-24)

A low nitrogen, high potassium greens fertilizer enriched with Iron and Manganese. Over 52% of the nitrogen is from slowly available Nitrogen released from Methylene Urea.

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Landscape Color 14-14-14
Landscape Color 14-14-14 Image

Landscape Color is a complete and balanced fertilizer containing GAL-XE ONE™. Landscape Color will safely supply amounts of all necessary nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to your annual, perennial, and bedding plants. 70% of the nitrogen is predictably released over a 3 to 4 month period.

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Micro-Green® 10 (10-4-16)
Micro-Green® 10 (10-4-16) Image

Micro-Green® 10 is a homogeneous high-K formulation that contains sulfate of potash -- a potassium source that's very low in chlorides. The immediately available nutrients make it easy and economical to manage application rates in the critical summer months. Sulfur, zinc and iron are also included in the formulation.

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Micro-Green® 15 (15-5-8)

Micro-Green® 15 contains a 100% available maintenance formulation of macronutrients. Consistent use will take the guesswork out of residual nitrogen and provide the nutrients needed to fight off disease. This cost-effective, micro-sized homogeneous fertilizer also contains sulfur, iron and zinc.

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Mini Phos 8-30-15 with AVAIL®

8-30-15 Mini Phos with AVAIL® protected phosphorous to reduce tie-up of phosphate and make it more available to the plants.

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Mini Pro 12-8-16 with 3% Iron

This homogeneous high potash formulation is excellent for use where a higher ratio of potassium to nitrogen is desired. All of the potash in Mini Pro is derived from sulfate of potash for added turf safety. With the high iron content in 12-8-16 you can expect to have excellent color response while limiting vegetative growth due to a reduced amount of nitrogen. * Available through select distributors.

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Mini Turf 16-8-8

Miniature homogeneous pellets manufactured for use on hybrid Bermuda and other closely maintained turfgrass areas. This fast-acting fertilizer contains a balanced N-P-K ratio with 16% sulfur and 1.5% iron.

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N-FLEXX 22-4-10

BEST® N Flexx 22-4-10 is al all season turf fertilizer containing 79% stabilized nitrogen from Uflexx to provide longer lasting, slower growth turf response. N-Flexx contains 5.8% non- staining Iron from a homogeneous pellet to provide deep green color. *Available through selected distribution.

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Nitra King 21-2-4 2% Iron, 4.4 units Nitrate N
Nitra King 21-2-4 2% Iron, 4.4 units Nitrate N Image

A New All Season Fertilizer with 4.4% Nitrate Nitrogen for quick green-up. Made with our new FŪSN technology, Nitra King provides a great nitrate and ammoniacal nitrogen ratio for your plant. The 2% iron is from a Simplot homogeneous pellet which virtually eliminates the possibility of staining sidewalks, etc. You’ll see the difference with your first application!

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Nitrex 20-2-3-5.0% Iron, 4.5 units Nitrate N
Nitrex 20-2-3-5.0% Iron, 4.5 units Nitrate N Image

Nitrex has been reformulated with our new Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate Technology, giving you an ideal source of N for all seasons. Contains 5.0% (non-staining) Iron for that deep green color. This formulation will exceed all your expectations! * Available through select distributors.

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Palm Plus 13-5-8
Palm Plus 13-5-8 Image

A professional, high quality 3-4- month controlled release fertilizer containing GAL-XeONE™. Palm Plus, although equally effective on other plants, was specifically formulated for use on palms in nurseries and landscaped areas.

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Poly Supreme 23-5-10 with GAL-XE ONE®

Poly Supreme is a premium-quality, controlled-release fertilizer containing GAL-XE ONE® (polymer-coated urea). It delivers 67% of its nitrogen through the controlled-release of GAL-XE ONE®, providing up to 16 weeks of nitrogen response. The K source is potassium sulfate and the iron is part of an N-P-K pellet which virtually eliminates the possibility of staining.

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Pro Start 16-24-10 with GAL-XE ONE®

Pro Start is a high phosphorus preplant/starter that utilizes controlled-release nitrogen. With standard preplant fertilizers, nitrogen that is needed for plant growth and development can be lost due to leaching from the soil surface during the first few weeks after installation. Pro Start 16-24-10 uses GAL-XE ONE® (polymer-coated controlled-release nitrogen) to extend nitrogen release to give your turf the ratio and timing of nutrient release needed for healthy plant establishment.

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Pro-Prills 12-8-16 (S) 3% Fe

This is a complete, homogeneous pellet with high iron content. It promotes mid-season health and color without excessive growth. It is a great choice for fall application on turf, trees, ornamentals, citrus and/or vegetables. The potassium is from sulfate of potash and the iron is non-staining.

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Short Kut 18 18-4-18 with X-Cote™

A mini-sized formulation that contains 61% slow-release nitrogen from X-Cote® (polymer-coated, sulfur-coated urea). This product provides improved longevity when used on closely mowed tees and fairways.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Short-Kut® 22 (22-5-10)
Short-Kut® 22 (22-5-10) Image

This premium-quality, mini-sized fertilizer offers 62% controlled-release nitrogen from GAL-XE ONE (polymer-coated urea) and X-Cote (polymer-coated, sulfur-coated urea). Provides excellent particle distribution and performance.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Short-Kut® 24 (24-4-9)

A mini particle sized, 2-particle blend formulated for short mowed turf. Our homogenous pellets and X-Cote, polymer coated sulfur-coated urea, make up this blend. * Available through select distributors.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Short-Kut® Cool Climate 22-4-12 Mini

A combination of mini-sized homogeneous pellets and GAL-XE ONE minis designed for cooler soil temperatures.

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Soil Buster® Pelletized Calcium Sulfate
Soil Buster® Pelletized Calcium Sulfate Image

Soil Buster® is a clean, dust-free, easy flowing gypsum pellet. The calcium in Soil Buster® will replace the soil's sodium to increase the amount of available pore space in your soil, thus enhancing air and water movement.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50

Sulfate of potash is an excellent high-potassium, low-chloride fertilizer providing essential nutrients that help plants resist disease and pests, ensure a longer shelf life, and produce tastier and more attractive produce without the excess chloride that can harm crops.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Super Iron® 9-9-9 Plant Food w/ 11% Iron
Super Iron® 9-9-9 Plant Food w/ 11% Iron Image

This is a complete, balanced, homogeneous, pelletized fertilizer. This special formula will help counteract alkaline soil and will definitely permit plants to overcome iron-induced chlorosis. Super Iron® promotes good health, slower growth, and great color.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Super Turf 25-5-5
Super Turf 25-5-5 Image

Super Turf contains all 57% slow release nitrogen from GAL-XE ONE. This is an excellent turf fertilizer that provides great green color for up to 12 weeks. Your customers will appreciate the value it offers. Super Turf can be applied to turfgrass without watering for up to 24 hours after application.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Tri Green 22-2-11
Tri Green 22-2-11 Image

A quality controlled release formulation with GAL-XE ONE™ and X-Cote™. * Available through select distributors.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Triple Pro 15-15-15
Triple Pro 15-15-15 Image

A homogeneous pellet in a 1:1:1 ratio. Contains urea and ammoniacal nitrogen plus sulfur. An economical fertilizer as a preplant or for application to turf, trees, ornamentals, citrus and vegetables.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Triple Superphosphate 0-45-0

Simplot Triple Super Phosphate, analysis, 0-45-0, is highly effective in eliminating phosphorus deficiencies in most crops, under most soil conditions. Free-flowing granules assure even application and exceptional storage characteristics.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Triple Twelve 12-12-12

Triple Twelve plant food is a homogeneous pellet containing equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, plus sulfur and calcium. The potassium source is sulfate of potash for plants sensitive to chlorides. It can be used on turf, ornamentals, vegetable gardens for preplant or established plants where soils contain only marginal amounts of phosphorus and potassium.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Turf Gold® 22-5-6
Turf Gold® 22-5-6 Image

Our Turf Gold® formulation 22-5-6 is a mix of Turf Supreme and X-Cote with 40% coated slow release nitrogen. Turf Gold® provides up to 10 weeks of nitrogen release and allows application without watering for up to 24 hours without the danger of burn.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
Turf Supreme® 16-6-8
Turf Supreme® 16-6-8 Image

The ultimate dust-free, homogeneous pellet. Balanced as recommended by leading research authorities to an approximate 4:1:2 ratio plus 1.5% iron, 0.2% manganese and 16% sulfur. It's the professionals' choice for use on golf courses, landscaping, schools, parks, athletic fields, cemeteries and other green belt areas.

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Turf Supreme® 16-6-8 plus Trimec
Turf Supreme® 16-6-8 plus Trimec Image

The number one turf food in the West combined with the number one broadleaf herbicide. Control dandelions, spurge, dock, clover and other broadleaf weeds and fertilize your turfgrass in one easy application. Click here to view Application information.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
UFLEXX® 23-3-6

An all season enhanced turf fertilizer with UFLEXX stabilized nitrogen for up to 10 weeks of turf response.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
UFLEXX® 46-0-0

A quality economical source of nitrogen. All of the nitrogen is stabilized to reduce burn potential of the nitrogen.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
UMAXX® 19-3-19

A 1:1 N/K ratio fertilizer with UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen for long lasting deep green color. Contains a BEST homogeneous pellet for enhanced nutrient distribution.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
UMAXX® 24-4-12 Mini

A mini-sized, two-pellet formulation containing 73% stabilized nitrogen from UMAXX®. This product will water in quickly.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
UMAXX® 46-0-0 Stabilized Nitrogen

Research shows that at least 30% of the nitrogen from urea can be lost into the atmosphere through volatilization. Additional nitrogen loss can occur through leaching and denitrification. UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen works with nature to prevent nitrogen loss by using a urease inhibitor to stop volatilization and a nitrification inhibitor to keep nitrogen in the soil where it can be used by the plant. Download Soluble Fertilizer Preparation information.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
X-Cote™ 43-0-0
X-Cote™ 43-0-0 Image

X-Cote™ (a unique polymer coated sulfur coated urea) delivers more Nitrogen (43%) with less sulfur (4%) than any other PCSCU in the business. More importantly it delivers more coated slow release nitrogen (40%). X-Cote™ will provide consistent extended feeding for 6 to 10 weeks depending on rates and application conditions. X-Cote™ gives you more of what you buy, slow release nitrogen fertilizer for affordable consistent long term feeding.

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